Diskless Workstations

A diskless workstation / client is a networked computer that provides no local hard drive space or floppy disk drive access. These terminals have a monitor, motherboard, keyboard, and mouse. Diskless clients boot up using local area network (LAN) by the operating system (OS) provided by the server.

  • Much cheaper than a traditional computer - No Hard Disk, CD/DVD ROM Drive or UPS is required.
  • Saves energy and reduces overall power costs.
  • Easy to manage since it's the server you're maintaining not the hundreds or thousands of clients.
  • More secure since all updates and data is handled at the server end.
  • Replacement is much easier since its an immediate setup with no software or updates required.
  • Suitable for schools, educational institutions and offices.

Very old computer systems can be used as diskless clients. This helps to save your resource and our environment.